2004 North American SAAB Owners Convention

Hosted by the NWSOC and SCNA the 2004 North American Saab Owners Convention was held at Crystal Mountain Resort August 20 - 22, 2004.

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2004 North American SAAB Owners Convention August 20-22, 2004

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The biggest news from SAAB is that they will be sending a truckload of parts and accessories from their Allentown, PA warehouse for us to sell at the convention. Notice I said for us to sell. We will need to staff the sales table and ring up the sales, but in return, the club will get to keep 100% of the money raised from the sale! This is a very generous offer from SAAB, but we will need people to unload the truck, sort the merchandise, etc. Look for killer deals……..

SAAB will be sending some 9-2x’s and a company representative to do a presentation on the new vehicles, and allow us to take them for a drive. There will also be a limited number of 9-3’s and 9-5’s available for test drives.

We have a number of excellent seminar presenters lined up this year.
Tom Nelson from the Rocky Mountain SAAB Club is going to show and tell how their club restored a 1970 SAAB 96. And they are bringing it to the convention!
Jack Ashcraft is going to make a 2-hour presentation on high performance tuning tricks for the V-4 engine.
John Moss, SAAB USA’s senior technical trainer is going to wow us with one of his famous talks on SAAB’s future plans.
Bob McNary from Ventura, CA will be hosting an “Antiques Roadshow”-type presentation on SAAB collectibles and memorabilia.
A full list of speakers and topics will be posted on the web site soon.

The Autocross Committee is working diligently to lay out a course in the upper parking lit at Crystal. If you are considering entering, make sure to check out the convention website. The autocross is one of the first events to take place on Friday afternoon, so come prepared!

There is now a reasonable chance that one of the Crystal Mountain Chairlifts will be available to ride halfway up the mountain, from which point it is an easy hour’s hike to the summit. Crystal Mountain Resort is in one of the Northwest’s most beautiful natural settings, and a ride in the chair could give you exceptional views of nature at its best.

What is a SAAB Convention without SAABs? We have a number of groups from around the country bringing their prides and joys to Crystal. We currently have, among other cars, a 1968 SAAB 95 from Massachusetts, a 1967 Sonett II from California, and a 1968 “D” Sports racer from Louisiana.

The convention T-shirts are now being printed, and they look great! Make sure to order one, or more from our web site, as quantities at the convention will be limited, and will cost a couple of dollars more.

The posters have been printed. If you know of a SAAB business who would like a poster to put in the window, let me know and I will send one or more along.

There are still a number of NWSOC Members who have not registered for the Convention (GASP!). The good news is you still have time to take care of that problem, but you need to do it soon. You can register online, or print out and mail in a registration form from our website www.saabconvention.org. Please do it without delay. Even if you are already registered, you can always go back and pre-order more shirts and/or t-shirts.

If you have not already signed one of the lists circulated at the past two meetings, please send me your name if you are interested in volunteering in running the sales or registration tables, working the parking lot, or just helping where needed.

Good SAAB’n

Register now online at the official convention website www.saabconvention.org.
2004 North American SAAB Owners Convention Update

Work is moving apace for the 2004 North American SAAB Owners Convention to be held at Crystal Mountain, Washington this August 20, 21 and 22. We are expecting an exciting, action-packed weekend at one of the most beautiful locations in the Pacific Northwest, as we celebrate the independent spirit of SAAB owners, drivers, and the people who help us keep them on the road.

A number of local sponsors have already been recruited, and sponsorship packages are now in the mail to SAAB dealers and service providers nationwide. Carter SAAB, Seattle's oldest SAAB dealer, has signed on to sponsor the Saturday Awards Banquet, and Scanwest Autosport, Seattle's foremost independent SAAB repair shop, is sponsoring the Saturday chairlift rides to the mountain summit, as well as the Saturday parking lot Autocross. The Swedish Connection, Tacoma's leading independent SAAB service provider, will be sponsoring Saturday's scenic drive to Mount Rainier.

View the Sponsorship Program Guide
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The official convention website www.saabconvention.org is now up and running.

Convention registration will open on May 1. After that date, attendees will be able to register directly via the website, via surface mail, or by calling our club registrar Denise Camus at 360-654-9107. Remember that registration will be strictly limited to 350 attendees, so early registration is strongly advised. We do expect to offer a limited number of 1-day registrations for local residents wishing to attend the Friday and Saturday events. However, day-passes will allow attendance at daytime convention events only, and will not include any meals or participation in the evening receptions or the Awards Banquet.
Although the official convention timeframe is August 20-22, lodging and meals will be available for early arrivals starting with lunch on Thursday, August 19. In order to take advantage of the early meal option, however, please keep in mind you must include it in your order at the time of registration.

Hotel registration is now open, and many people planning to attend the convention have already reserved lodging at one of Crystal's hotels or condos. Because of our excellent reputation with the Crystal Mountain staff, their lodging office has offered to serve as a central clearing house for all convention lodging options, including other area hotels and local campgrounds. They have also offered to work with persons attending alone who are interested in saving money by sharing condo or hotel space with fellow conventioneers. To make your registration today, or to obtain more information, call Crystal Mountain Lodging at 1-888-ON-THE-MT (888-668-4368), or visit their website at www.crystalmtlodging-wa.com. Please keep in mind the cost of lodging is NOT included in the convention registration fee.

Understand Special Site Considerations
Read an article in Ski Magazine about Crystal

We are currently taking applications for seminars and technical presentations. Nationally known SAAB expert Jack Ashcraft has already signed on to host a presentation on high performance tuning of the V-4 motor. Ed Abbott of Abbott Racing will present a program on their 12-year motorsport involvement with Saab and their 18 years of SAAB tuning experience.

Heed the Call for Presentations

The goal of the Northwest SAAB Owners Club is to make this convention one of the best ever staged. We hope it will help motivate other small, regional SAAB clubs to host similar gatherings in their respective parts of the country in the years ahead. We have a dedicated convention staff of club members who are meeting on a regular basis to plan and iron out all of the details beforehand in order to make your convention experience as hassle-free as possible. We also have the benefit of working with and receiving advice from the SAAB Club of North America and previous convention chairmen such as Skip Schott, Tom Nelson, Phil Lacefield, and Marc Fails.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the convention, please contact Convention Chairman Jon Kjaerulff at president@nwsoc.org. One of our dedicated planning members will respond as quickly as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you (and your SAABs) to the beautiful Pacific Northwest this August.

Jon Kjaerulff
2004 North American SAAB Owners Convention


January 31, 2004
For Immediate Release:
“Return to the Mountain”

Northwest SAAB Owners Present the 2004 North American Owners Convention

The Northwest SAAB Owners Club has been selected by SAAB Club of North America to host the 2004 North American Owners Convention. In an area home to many serious SAAB aficionados, this year’s gathering will focus on the heritage that first brought SAAB fans together locally and nationally. The sprit of the SAABs themselves and their loyal owners will be highlighted. From simple 2-stroke engines to complex computer controlled engine management systems-to driving rapidly down twisty forested roads, to simply “getting there” in the worst winter storms-the spirit of SAAB remains the same.

Crystal Mountain Resort, the site of the highly successful 1991 convention will be the destination this year from August 20th through 22nd. The resort is located high in the Cascade Mountain range 76 miles southeast of Seattle, near Mt. Rainier. This gathering of SAABs and their owners will be a more intimate type of experience, with a smaller venue where it’s easy to find others at the convention if you aren’t overwhelmed by the nearly unbelievable scenery. This is as close as you will get to a Scandinavian setting without traveling to Sweden itself. In 1991 Erik Carlsson was quoted as saying, “I can’t believe it, what a wonderful place, the mountains, the forests, the pure air and our SAABs; it’s just like home.” Come share this experience. Leave the Dockers and Gucci’s at home, bring your jeans and hiking boots and your sense of adventure and of course, your SAAB spirit.

More information will be available soon, so stayed tuned.
Also visit SaabConvention.org

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NWSOC Plans to Host 2004 National Convention

The NW SAAB Owners Club Board of Directors met on December 6, 2003, in Seattle, and decided to offer to host a national SAAB owners convention next August at Crystal Mountain Resort. This was the location of the 1991 convention, and is located 76 miles southeast of Seattle overlooking Mt. Rainer. The SAAB Club of North America board has been provided a preliminary proposal and the NWSOC has requested that organization officially recognize our planned event as the 2004 SAAB Owners Convention. The NWSOC is putting together a more extensive proposal, including a budget and other details. The national board will review it and vote on it. The NWSOC's offer to host the convention is still in the planning stages, and has not yet been officially "sanctioned" by the National Club.

The NWSOC decided on a three-day convention, starting at noon and Friday August 20, 2004, and concluding at noon on Sunday August 22, 2004.
Anticipated highlights of the event will be:
  • Friday welcome barbecue
  • Saturday car show and People Choice awards
  • Saturday driving event
  • Saturday evening awards and banquet.
  • Ongoing events Friday and Saturday will include swap meet, seminars and presentations, vendor booths, and perhaps even a SAAB parts tent provided by SAAB USA. We also hope to line up a fleet of test drive cars either from SAAB USA or local SAAB dealers.

The board feels very confident in our club's ability to pull this off. However, we are starting a little late in the year compared to past efforts, so we do not have a lot of time to spare. In order to make this work, we need to focus our efforts as a group, but also need people to take the lead in certain key areas.

Making this event will require a lot of help from the membership. All of the Board Members will be devoting a significant amount of time to the effort, but we also need assistance from the membership at large. Please let the president or a board member know if you are willing to help.

Click for Complete Letter from Club President on Planning National Convention

To weigh in on the discussion or to volunteer your time please join our e-mail discussion list or send a message to president@nwsoc.org.

For additional information on recent National SAAB Owner's Conventions please visit SaabConvention.org

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NWSOC Considering Hosting 2004 National Convention

"During the last weekend of August, 1983, over 150 members of "The SAAB Club" a.k.a. "Compact Frontwheel Drive Club of America" converged on Chestnut Mountain Resort near Galena, IL for the first national owners convention. Twenty more of these have followed, during which the "spirit of SAAB" has grown, developed and adapted to the new age. Major changes have occurred: In 1983, this "club" was still a bunch of folks brought together solely by a monthly newsletter trying, largely, to keep 2-stroke and V4 cars on the road; today's club embraces not only those pioneers but also the performance tuners of the newer models and everyone in between." (Excerpt from open letter to SCNA from Chip Lamp)

On the first weekend of August 1991 the Northwest SAAB Owners club hosted the National Saab Owners Convention. The well attended event was held at the beautiful Crystal Mountain Resort. Activities included a Councours, Scenic Tours, Tech Sessions, Banquets and Notable Speakers. The event was attended not only by NW SAAB enthusiasts, but enthusiasts from all over North America and Europe.

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