2014 Saab Owners Convention

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Thursday afternoon, August 7th until noon on Sunday, August 10th, 2014.

Eagle Crest Resort
near Redmond, OR

The "Pre-Tour"
It took me several hours but I have booked motels for the tour of the Oregon coast etc. They are all are holding a block of rooms for our club (RMSC of Co.) so we can tour together and stay at the same motels. Other Saabers are welcome to use the booking info. It is in the name of RMSC of CO.

My two criteria's were for the evenings stays that were on the ocean had to have a sunset view and all cost between $80-$100/night if possible. I looked at reviews of the motels and talked to each on I chose.

Here are my bookings for each day:

Day 1
Days Inn Black Bear-1600 NE-503-581-1559- Fri 1st-Sat 2nd- listed rate is $85/night + Tax but they will discount it the more who make a reservation. So do it ASAP! [I talked to them today and was told to cancel my price-line reservation and he would give us a better rate.]

Day 2
7 miles north in Garibaldi=Harborview Inn-503-322-3251- $114.05 total=includes the tax-contact is Angie.

Day 3
Driftwood Shores Resort- 88416 1st St Ave-541-997-8263- $122 + tax- contact Debbie

Day 4
Windmill Inn-1450 NW Mulholland Dr.-541-673-0901-$97.50+Tax-contact Kathy

Day 5
La Pine
Timbercrest Inn-52560 Highway 97-541-536-1713-$79+tax-contact Kay or Tom

Day 6-9 Convention
Eagle Crest Resort--541-923-2453-$129+%8 tax & %6 resort Fee/night

I hope you all like my picks for motels along the route. The Holiday Inn at Eagle Crest was also helpful, but it took some doing to get the direct line. All of them said they would hold rooms close to each other for our club up to a week or 2 b-4 the deadline, but I'm telling our guys to do it now. Tell other clubs to use our name to get rooms but do it b-4

Paul Bottone
Secretary- Rocky Mtn. Saab Club of Colorado-303-884-0016

Courtesy of John Collins - some wonderful picture os site you will see along the Oregon Coast [and other locations] while on the Tour.


John Collins out here in Jefferson, Oregon...
I just saw your e-mail about booking rooms for the pre tour. I was involved in coming up with the route, but am not sure I can join the whole tour. I am however hoping to sponsor/co-sponsor (possibly with the NWSOC) an evening BBQ ON the ocean, with local Oysters (from the Pacific Oyster Co.in Bay City), local corn, salads, etc., on a beach just North of Garibaldi. I will probably join the tour from there south to Florence just to make sure you don't miss any cool stuff (the area around Cape Perpetua is worth spending some time at).

I am also doing the BBQ on the first night after the "Steam Up/car show" at my shop/home also right next to our wrecking yard of 250-300 SAABs. This is about 20 miles South of Salem. (BBQ with a wrecking yard tour for desert !!)

I'm sure it will get a little more refined as we get closer to the tour. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you here in Oregon, I've met many of you and attended both of your SOC's in Colorado.

Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun! NWSOC is hosting the 2014 SOC to be held in early August @ the Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, OR.

As part of that, we’re also going to have a “Pre-Tour” Scenic Drive of ~625 miles with multiple scenic stops along the Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, etc.[See above]

This will start on Saturday, August 2, from Salem, OR, and finish at Eagle Crest Resort on Thursday, August 7—the starting-registration day of the SOC.

Very preliminary route & maps can be found here: in an Adobe Acrobat Reader format. It is a fairly large file to download, but you can zoom-in to see some of the potential stops as we’ve suggested for the “group.”

However! We DO need some commitments from folks well in advance of the Tour. There’s LOTS of time yet, but if you’ve never seen some of the Oregon coast, you will be very amazed. (Of course, I’m biased having lived here almost 20 years now...) If you are interested and want to commit early -- send an email to: webmaster@nwsoc.org

In addition to the main nwsoc.org site, here are two more locations that will have information:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwsaabowners/ &


MANY more details to follow as the program is developed. Stay tuned!

updated 05/13/2014