Call For Presentations

The Northwest SAAB Owners Club, the host club for the 2004 North American SAAB Owners Convention, is currently requesting applications for presentations and tech sessions at Crystal Mountain this August. Presentations and tech sessions are a highlight of any SAAB Owners Convention. Here is the perfect chance for enthusiasts from all over the country to spend quality time face to face, sharing knowledge and ideas, learning from seasoned service providers, and hearing firsthand exciting stories about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat from SAAB heroes and those who aspire to the claim.

Tech sessions and presentations will be staged Friday afternoon August 21, and Saturday morning and afternoon August 22. Time slots are 1 hour apiece, but we will consider allowing more time if required by the nature of the presentation.
We are hoping to offer an interesting mix of both the highly technical and the general interest SAAB cultural/historical presentations. At this point, we are certainly open to suggestions for topics you have always wanted to hear, or repeats of past convention favorites. Keep in mind that many of this year's attendees will be attending their first SAAB Owners Convention ever.

Past convention topics have included:
-Performance tuning
-Rebuilding of engines and component parts
-Restoration projects
-Rally and racing experiences
-SAAB Trivia
-SAAB Collectibles

A new tech session this year is a question-and-answer forum, tentatively titled "SAAB TALK - ASK THE EXPERTS." In this moderated tech session, volunteer SAAB techs field questions from the floor related to all aspects of SAAB maintenance and tuning. Please let us know if you would be interested in serving on this expert panel.

We are also looking for articles and information which we could include in a "SECRETS, TIPS, & GREAT STORIES from Crystal Mountain II" publication. Our intention is to produce a simple photocopied, stapled or 3-punched compilation of submissions for later sale at a small price based on printing and binding costs.

Due to the smaller size of this year's convention, and the goal of keeping registration costs to a minimum, the Northwest SAAB Owners Club is unable to offer any compensation for presenters, or reimbursement of travel or registration fees. What we can offer is the chance to regale and impress your fellow SAAB nuts with your knowledge of the more detailed or arcane aspects of SAAB tuning and ownership, and the opportunity to personally contribute to making a truly memorable SAAB convention experience.

The Bull Wheel Pub, which can comfortably seat approximately 150 persons, will be the main indoor presentation area. We will have full audio-visual capacity available, in case your presentation includes video or PowerPoint slide shows.

We will also have a designated outside area for tech sessions which require space for an actual car or car components.

If you are interested in making a presentation, please e-mail Convention Chairman Jon Kjaerulff at, or presentation committee members Bob Dorste, or Dave Ramstad