Saab Owners Convention Returns to Crystal Mountain

Deep valleys, towering forest and snow-capped peaks support the Saab heritage and tradition. Rugged individualism is the hallmark of Saab owner's and their cars. Come prepared for the mountainous location with your jeans, layered clothing, hiking boots, mountain bikes, cameras, Saabs and enthusiasm.
During the summer Crystal Mountain is transformed into a rugged alpine destination. A favorite of local hikers and mountain bikers, many trails are ready to accept your boots or bike tires.
The surrounding area provides fantastic vistas and curvy roadways devoid of urban traffic, perfect for exercising your Saab as intended. You will see deer, eagles, hawks and many small ground dwellers. After nightfall cougars are always a possibility and a danger. If you plan on taking a nighttime stroll, be sure to bring a good flashlight. The shadows race across the landscape almost as fast as a Saab Viggen.
During the convention a chairlift ride to summit will be available. The trip on the Rainier Express to the Summit House is exhilarating and memorable.

In order to ensure a once in a lifetime experience please come prepared. While Crystal Mountain Resort offers a diverse complement of amenities, it is located in a remote alpine region where conditions and temperatures can vary dramatically and suddenly.
  - Dress comfortably in layers
- Bring warm clothes, evening temperatures can be quite cool
- Bring sturdy comfortable walking shoes
- Don't forget your camera and flashlight