Attendance Challenge and Best Fleet Awards

Club results:

1st Place - RMSC
2nd Place - BASC
3rd Place - NESA

Individual results:

1st Place - Peter Maitland & David Cronin from Massachusetts
2nd Place - Bill & Joanne Clark from Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Jerry Danner & Paul Callahan from Colorado (900cv towing 96 2S)

Note: Jim Beetham & Miles Bendixson were a close 4th (9000T towing Laura).

Longest Pure Miles Driven in a Saab:

Bill & Joanne Clark who drove 3970
taking a northern route thru Upper Michigan to get to the SOC.


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Best Fleet - Business:

1st Place - Sports Car Service - Bill Jacobson

Best Fleet - Individual/Family - 11 Entries

1st Place:
- Avis & Tom Nelson

2nd Place:
- Garry Grimes

3rd Place - Five (5) ENTRIES TIED:
- Mark Rheude
- Galanti Family
- George Vapaa
- Jerry Danner
- Bruce Harbison

updated 9/5/04