Club History

Until the early 90s, The Northwest SAAB Owners Club had but one (non-elected) "officer", The Keeper of the Mailing List. Historically, we've been a word-of-mouth, once-a-year-meeting kind of club. Not that we can't stand each other, in fact many members do see each other often during the year.

In 1980, united by an announcement in the National SAAB Club newsletter (now NINES), a half dozen enthusiasts gathered in eastern Washington for a 2-stroke crankshaft workshop held by John Baird. The rest is history, as they say, the group grew, meeting once or twice annually, for the next 10 years.

In 1991, the Northwest SAAB Owners Club was honored and proud to host the first truly 'WestCoast' National SAAB Club Convention. Taking advantage of the many attractions at Crystal Mountain Resort and Mt. Rainier National Park, the convention was a three day extravaganza.

In 2004, the club again undertook the task of organizing and hosting the National SAAB Club Convention. The convention was attended by Saab enthusiasts from all around North America and the world. Additional details can be found elsewhere on this website.

Today our summer picnics average 50-60 cars, covering a range of SAAB model from early 2-strokes to the latest turbos. Many of those with newer cars have long histories of SAAB ownership. SAAB loyalty is alive and well in the Northwest.

updated 1/9/05